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September 2020
We deliberately do not mow large areas of our Coastal Park during the summer months – this allows all our beautiful wild flowers to give a great display and helps our birds, insects and wild life to thrive.
Did you spot any of the following this year?... 

Everlasting Pea OR Field Scabious OR Field Bindweed, 

Ladies Bedstraw


Pyramidal Orchid

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Self Heal, has flourish this year along Puma path, late spring through to early summer.
(photo courtesy J. Birdsey)

Giant Mushroom, top wood off Puma path.
(photo courtesy J. Birdsey)


Hypericum (St. Johns wort), can be found along Puma path and on the battery, through the summer months.
(photo courtesy J. Birdsey)

Spotted Marsh Orchid, this can be found along Puma path late spring. This is it's second year of flowering.
(photo courtesy J. Birdsey)