If you have any interesting photos of the Isle of Grain Coastal Park please send them to the email address graincoastalpark01@gmail.com  so that we can publish them.

February 2024

  One of our favourite trees - hope it recovers

October 2023 

Phil and John and the rep from Tuckwell's - taking delivery - Happy Faces all round

OCTOBER 2022 - It's Fungi Season 

SEPTEMBER 2022 - BLACKBERRIES! They are amazing this year - juicy and plump and plentiful. Mmmm apple and blackberry crumble, blackberry jam, blackberry sauce and I am sure very good for you and FREE. Ronnie Cordier took this tempting picture while out walking last week. 

June 2022
If you go down to the woods today...... be careful. We had to call fire brigade and inform police of a blaze in a wooded area that local lads were stoking and throwing ‘capsules’ in to make them explode!

April - 2022

These lovely wild-flowers are blooming again, can you remember what they are called? (answer on this page if you scroll down!)


Spring blossom looking good! April 2022 (Photo by Kate Brooker)

Ronnie Cordier took these beautiful cobweb images recently (October 2021) - a sure sign of Autumn / Winter approaching


Flowers on the Foreshore May and June  2021

Orange Tip Butterfly on Alexander Plant
Yellow Cowslip
Meadow Daisies
Meadow floral display

We deliberately do not mow large areas of our Coastal Park during the summer months – this allows all our beautiful wild flowers to give a great display and helps our birds, insects and wildlife to thrive.
Can you spot any of the following this year?... 

Everlasting Pea
Field Scabious


Pyramidal Orchid 
Ladies Bedstraw
 Self Heal, flourishes along Puma path, late spring through to early summer(photo courtesy J. Birdsey)

Giant Mushroom, top wood off Puma path 
(photo courtesy J. Birdsey)

Hypericum (St. John's wort), can be found along Puma path and on the battery, through the summer months.
(photo courtesy J. Birdsey)
Spotted Marsh Orchid, this can be found along Puma path late spring. (photo courtesy J. Birdsey)

Snowy Grain